Confidentiality Policy

Couples Therapy Confidentiality Limitations

Marriage and family therapists have unique confidentiality concerns because the client in a therapeutic relationship may be a couple or a family with numerous persons participating. This section is intended to inform you that when I agree to work with a family or a couple, I consider the family or couple (the treatment unit) to be the patient (client).

-If there is a request for the treatment records of the family or the couple, I will seek the authorization of all members of the treatment unit before I release confidential information to third parties. The therapist will not make confidential disclosures without the full written consent of the parties present.

-If my records are subpoenaed, I will assert the psychotherapist-patient privilege on behalf of the treatment unit.

-During the course of my work with a family or a couple, I may see a smaller part of the treatment unit for one or more sessions. These sessions should be seen as a part of the work that I am doing with the family or the couple, unless otherwise indicated.

-These sessions are confidential in the sense that I will not release any confidential information to a third party unless required by law or I have your written authorization.